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Plains Indian Museum

Plains 566
wood 4438 cotton twine 51 Cotton cloth 154 yarn 210 metal 3340 rawhide 1018 tanned hide 570 glass beads 689
model tipi 8 doll 94
ca. 1970
H: 19.5 in, Diameter: 38 in
Credit Line:
The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe
Paisley cotton cloth cover wrapped around peeled twigs, which are attached to a metal ring base with cotton twine at each pole base on interior. Wooden lacing pins, attached cotton cloth smoke flaps held down with cotton twine. Smoke flaps are held down with cotton twine. Front seam is stitched together and down. Some brown pigment on edge, opening near smoke flaps. Door flap is tear drop shaped papier-mâché made with same cotton cloth, and tied to seam with hide strip. Two (2) rawhide disks (1 ½" dia.) on either side of front middle, attached with cotton twine and looped through with hide strip. Seven (7) cotton cloth strips attached to top tipi poles with blue green, gold and red tube beads strung though. One (1) tied on at base of a pole. Small male doll (6" H) attached to front, right soft body, dark brown hide jacket, front edge both sides have small white glass beads. Burgundy colored fabric on chest - as shirt. Same hide for pants, with white seed beads on outer edge. Flat rawhide pieces on bottom of cotton feet. Black yarn as hair, face with black ink for eyes, nose and mouth. Small, leather hat ( 3" L) commercial made with "Billings, Mont" stamped on front upper brim. Further research needed. Check pg.153 of Hau, Kola! See images in file for NA.506.153 of above mentioned image - numerous similarities exist in construction and design of tipi and dolls. Possibly made by Ben Pease, Crow artist. *The leather hat on this male doll (last tipi box opened) may be further evidence that series is from Northern Plains/Montana and Crow.
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