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Plains Indian Museum

Assiniboine 36 Shawl, Angie 2
cowrie 43 polyester 12 bugle 11 yarn 210 cotton 256 seed 1420 Beads 2617 Satin 101 paint 359 wood 4438 feathers 641 pony 43 leather 2024 shell 87
doll 94
rosette 22 sunburst 6
H: 14.5 in, L: 5 in, width: 4.25 in, Base Length: 4 in, Base Width: 4 in
Ritual and Recreation: Toys. Molded leather face with beaded eyes and mouth, painted brows and lashes, black yarn braids, beaded rosette hair ornament in clear green, white and clear red with 2 small black and white feathers, turquoise bead and mini-cowrie shell earrings; red bugle and gold bead choker and necklace with beaded rosette in clear green, white and clear red, loom beaded belt in the same colors with red and white pony beads on the ties; black polyester shawl with narrow stripes in white, yellow, red, blue and green with green fringes, red satin dress with a green fringes, red satin dress with a green satin ribbon sewn around bottom, white cotton slip, leather hands; fringed white leather leggings with red bugle bead trim white leather moccasins with sunburst design in gold, perwinkle blue, white and clear red; attached to a square plywood base.
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