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Plains Indian Museum

Montana 236 Blackfoot 50
White 769 basket 27 blue 690 pony 43 brown 254 pink 230 trim 28 metal 3340 green 634 Beads 2617 orange 203 velvet 90 buttons 114 wool 622 black 554 bells 106 yellow 526 shells 78 turquoise 308 clear white 10 Red 1061 cowrie 43 stones 17 commercial fabric dark blue 127 metallic silver 11
dress 135
zigzag 91
L: 43.75 in, width: 34.625 in
Dress and Adornment: Daily Attire And/Or Festive Attire. Woman's -- Red wool dress with brown velvet yoke. Yoke decorated with red and white basket beads in zigzag pattern on top of shoulders. Rows of basket beads across front and back in turquoise, red, white, green, brown, black, clear white, dark blue and orange. At bottom of rows of basket beads are blue and pink pony beads hanging with cowrie shells at the end. On neck in front is a strip of commercial trim fabric with silver metallic beads. On neck in back are two metal buttons with red stones. Around the dress near the bottom is a row of basket beads in turquoise, yellow and red that hang with bells on the end of each strand.
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