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Plains Indian Museum

shell 87 cloth 876 Beads 2617 braintanned 68 Buckskin 430 brass 1442
dress 135
sun 12 heart 16
L: 48.5 in, shoulder width: 47.5 in, skirt width: 39.75 in
Credit Line:
Simplot Collection, Gift of J.R. Simplot
Dress and Adornment, Dress and/or Festive Adornment. Two skin style dress of brain tanned white buckskin with yoke of pieced buckskin and cloth, mostly machine sewn; front yoke has a beaded double curve band in blocks of white, clear red, cut orange, cut blue and cut clear with a central "tail" of blocks of cut gray, clear red, cut clear, cur clear, light blue hearts, opalescent white, cut orange and cut blue, also an appliqued heart of cut iridescent clear with a center "sun" of cut clear rose with red points and some milky pods-4 of which still hold rhinestones, thong dangles are strung with long green bugle beads, brass beads, white and light blue crow beads and large multifaceted clear beads, top edge of beaded band is accented with cut blue beads and brass disks; back yoke has a wider beaded double curve band in blocks of cut clear/light blue hearts, clear red, cut orange and white with a central "tail" shaped like a shield and beaded in blocks of cut clear/teal hearts, clear/silver hearts, red, clear red, clear and clear pink with a band and center of milk white, top edge of band is accented with cut blue beads and brass disks, lower edge has buckskin thong dangles strung with long light and dark green bugle beads, brass beads, light blue beads and light blue shell disks; bottom of skirt has two rows of buckskin thong fringes strung with small pieces of green bugle beads; sleeve ends have 1/2 to 2" self fringes while skirt bottom has 2 1/2" self fringe.
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