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Plains Indian Museum

Northern Plains 99 Sioux/Cheyenne
tanned deer hide 58 Red 1061 calico 5 glass beads 689 red/white heart cobalt blue 5 tin 353 black 554 cones 222 White 769 fringe 575 greasy yellow 10 brass 1442 Buckskin 430 Sioux blue Beads 2617 cotton cloth 39
dress 135
ca. 1890
L: 33.5 in, width: 31 in
Credit Line:
Gift of Harriet D. Reed and Betty N. Landercasper, In Memory of W. Guruea Dyer.
Dress and Adornment: Daily And/or Festive Adornment. Upper torso: rectangular cut, attached fringe, buckskin; fully beaded with Sioux blue, cobalt blue, red/white heart, greasy yellow and brass beads; edged at neckline with red, black and white calico. Lower torso: buckskin, one piece, side seam (wearer's left side) attached tabs; decorated with two rows long fringe on skirt; beads and cone tinklers at bottom edges; attached and self-fringe at bottom edges. Second wave seed bead, early broad pattern beadwork.
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