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Buffalo Bill Museum

wood 4438 nails 17 walnut 486 metal 3340 mirror 31 brass 1442 inlaid 6 dovetail marble 11
dresser 2
foliate 12 Diamond 223 crown 14 floral 651
ca. 1870
Black walnut marble topped dresser with mirror, stained dark brown; mirror frame is trimmed with raised designs and grooves, top is inset with a long rectangle of decoration dark grained wood inlaid with a flower and leaf design in blonde wood, s small shelf is mounted on each side of mirror; dresser has a pair of small drawers on each side of center, tops of small drawers frameworks and center section are covered with gray-grained white marble; fronts of small drawers have a raised oblong of decorative dark-grained wood, two drawers have crosswise wood dividers and brass pulls with rings and two have brass pulls with black knobs; large drawer fronts have two raised oblongs of decorative dark-grained wood, a raised diamond and circle keyhole trim and two brass pulls with black knobs, all brass pulls have a raised crown and leaf design; drawers are dovetail construction on front side and pegs on rear sides; dresser is mounted on 4 metal casters with metal wheels; square nails used in construction can be seen on back of dresser and mirror; c. 1840. DIMENSIONS: Mirror A: 53-1/8 (134.9 cm) X 41-1/2 (105.4 cm) X 7-1/2 (19.0 cm); Dresser base B: 25 (63.5 cm) X 43-3/8 (110.2 cm) X 18-7/8 (48.0 cm); 2 drawer boxes C&D: 8-3/8 (21.3 cm) X 10-3/8 (26.3 cm) X 18-1/8 (46.0 cm); C&D Marble Tops E&F: 3/4 (1.9 cm) X 11-1/4 (28.5 cm) X 17.5/8 (44.8 cm); C&D Small Drawers G&H: 2-15/16 (7.5 cm) X 8-3/4 (22.2 cm) X 15-3/8 (39.0 cm) without pulls; C&D Small divided drawers I&J: 2-15/16 (7.5 cm) X 8-3/4 (22.2 cm) X 15-3/8 (39.0 cm) without pulls; Large drawers in base K&L: 7-7/8 (20.0 cm) X 37-1/2 (95.3 cm) X 16-5/8 (42.3 cm) without pulls. CONDITION: Overall excellent condition. Missing top right front corner piece and missing right side baseboard. Right edge of front baseboard is badly chipped. Finish is peeling or has peeled from about 90% of surface area. Right 2 drawer framework has completely separated into its component pieces. ORIGIN: Part of a set given to May Cody by Buffalo Bill in the early 1870's. (See Document File) 1960 BBM Catalog #207 (this was written in pencil). Purchased by the BBMA from the above sources, niece and great-niece of Buffalo Bill. Reaccessioned 5-88 by EAB.
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