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this drum is made with a tree trunk, rawhide and tied with rawhide straps. the rawhide was to bring the power of the animal to the drum. drums were used for celebration before a great battle or a hunt to bring them luck or goodwill in the endeavor the native Americans believed that the drum resembled the beating of the heart of humanity and the drum would bring out the beating of the heart of the earth.

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Plains Indian Museum

leather 2024 hollow 8 wood 4438 tree trunk 6 rawhide 1018
drum and drumstick 4
ca. 1905
H: 15.5 in, Diameter: 22 in
Credit Line:
Gift of Harriet D. Reed and Betty N. Landercasper, In Memory of W. Guruea Dyer.
Ritual and Recreation: Musical Instrument. (A) Drum-hollow tree trunk; rawhide stretched over top and bottom and tied together with rawhide lacing. (B) Drumstick-wood handle; stuffed leather head; leather wrist loop.
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