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silk 96
Native Americans 342 Clam Fish Red Thunder Keokuk's son British 5 Cayatanita Young Whirlwind Chief Gall 4 Big Elk Great Bear John Yellow Flower White Swan 4 Geronimo 9 King of the Crows Red Bird 2 Always Riding Grey Eagle Black Eye Crows Breast Big Razor Keokuk Great War Chief Iron Bull Deer Ham Black Hawk 2 Red Shirt 7 Agate Arrow Point Lean Wolf Chief Joseph 6 Noon Day Bull Head
c. 1914
L: 19.75 in, width: 10.25 in
Credit Line:
James Wojtowicz Collection
Small squares of silk fabric, each with an images of a Native American sewn together, eleven images across by four rows high. Some of the images are repested: Clam Fish, Chief Joseph, White Swan, Black Eye, Red Thunder, Keokuk's son, Young Whirlwind, Red Bird, Big Razor, Red Shirt, Great Bear, Grey Eagle, Big Elk, Deer Ham, King of the Crows, Lean Wolf, Crows Breast, Agate Arrow Point, Black Hawk, Chief Gall, British, Geronimo, Always Riding, Iron Bull, Cayatanita, Bull Head, John Yellow Flower, Noon Day, Great War Chief, Keokuk
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