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Plains Indian Museum

Blackfeet 183
ribbon 206 human 22 Beads 2617 ermine 119 steel 2355 blue 690 feathers 641 golden eagle 17 dark blue 127 leather 2024 White 769 horse 292 light blue 69 stainless 24 Red 1061 hair 424 pink 230 teal black 554 yellow 526 orange 203 dyed 102 Buckskin 430 wool 622 Clear 61
Feather bonnet 50
rosettes 23
L: 27 in, H: 31 in, width: 12 in
Dress and Adornment, Status Symbols and Insignia of Office. Warbonnet with eagle feather, smaller feather with plumes on top of hat, blue dyed feathers at base of larger feathers. Tops of feathers are accented with white dots and horse-hair streamers. Quill of feathers are wrapped with woolcloth and white tape (tape is wound in spiraling fashion around red cloth.) Beaded headband and flanking rosettes: light blue, white, dark blue, orange, black, clear strands hanging from flanking rosettes, teal and large light blue beads used as decorative element near attachment to hats base. Ermine skins with red feathers on their extreme ends. Rosette has stainless steel ball chain attached to its center area, piece of ermine is on the end of the chain. Human hair used as tassel on right side. Ribbon tassels (yellow, pink, white. Shoestring, buckskin thongs.
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