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Plains Indian Museum

Sioux 990
feathers 641 cloth 876 sinew 620 eagle 171 Horse Hair 108 Beads 2617 Lazy-Stitch 8 dyed 102 Ribbons 76 Brass Concha Red 1061 leather 2024
Feather bonnet 50
triangles 289 stepped 14 floral 651
H: 15.75 in, Open Front to Back Length: 23 in, Open Width: 28.5 in
Dress and Adornment - Status Symbols and Insignia of Office. War bonnet - made on a gray felt hat crown; 32 eagle feathers, some with cut breath feathers and most with red-dyed horse hair at tips, partially red-dyed and cut breath feathers at bases, bases wrapped in gold cloth with green leather loops at ends, feathers attached to hat with a green leather thong, feathers are connected to each other with a yellow-green leather thong through the shaft of each feather about 1/3 of the way from the bottom; beaded front band on green leather strip, lazy-stitch beaded with 5 stepped triangles in royal blue, light blue, orange and red/white hearts on a white ground with light blue and red/white hearts alternating on lower edge, all seed beads; at each end of beaded band is a 2" plain brass concha with trailing red grosgrain and ivory and beige floral patterned ribbons; center of bonnet/hat is decorated with groups of red and green-dyed short eagle feathers with 1 long central eagle feather that has been split down both sides of the shaft, gray breath feather is sinew-laced to the end of feather shaft.
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