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Browning, J.M., Ogden, UT
checkered 57 magazine 88 adjustable 11 sporting 150 buttplate 10 receiver in the bright 2 curved 13 steel 2355 stock 186 octagon barrel 27 front sight 59 tubular 51 blade 128 barrel and magazine tube blued 2 buckhorn 2 repeating 61 forend cap, lever, trigger, hammer, buttplate casehardened 2 experimental 71 barrel 187 rounded 10 finish 98 rear sight 51 deluxe walnut 3 varnished 52
firearm 4093
ca. 1885
L: 46 in, Barrel length: 27.125 in, H: 8.25 in
Credit Line:
Gift of Olin Corporation, Winchester Arms Collection
The Model 1886 lever action repeating rifle was developed to handle powerful center fire cartridges. Based on a Browning patent (U.S. 306,577), with improvements by Winchester master designer William Mason, the Model 1886 incorporated strong vertical bolt locks and a very smooth action. Magazine capacity varied depending on magazine length and cartridge caliber (cartridges ranged from .33 W.C.F. to .50/110 Express). Receivers were casehardened until 1901, when blued finish became standard. This experimental sporting rifle was one of John Browning's first attempts with a lever action repeating design which led to the development of the Model 1886. The action on this sample must be open to release the loading gate on the right side to load cartridges into the magazine.
bottom receiver/76__/bbl/45 GOVT./
Cataloged by BCD 4/91. The middle of the barrel is missing blue--from storage rack wear--and there is deep pitting on the right side of the lever.
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As of 06-14-2017 this object is on display in the Cody Firearms Museum.
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