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Winchester Repeating Arms Co., New Haven, CT 967 American 350
repeating 61 trigger 354 plain 345
firearm 4093
military 45 rifle 1140
L: 46.25 in, Barrel length: 26.75 in
Credit Line:
Gift of Olin Corporation, Winchester Arms Collection
This U.S. Model 1917 Enfield rifle was manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company from 1917 to 1920; approximately 545,510 were produced. The type was made under U.S. government contract for service in World War I as a supplement to production of the U.S. Model 1903. It is a modified version of the British Pattern 14 Enfield, which Winchester produced for war service from 1914 to 1917. The basic modification was a change in the caliber from the .303 British cartridge to the .30 govt.'06 U.S. cartridge. Known as the G-17-R and the Winchester M/17, this arm was never commercially available.
[receiver] US | MODEL OF 1917 | WINCHESTER | 522212; [left top receiver] (eagle head) | (undecipherable) | (partial egale head stamp) | 21; [left] (flaming grenade); [right receiver tang] (eagle head) | 474; [bolt handle bottom] W | N.S.; [bolt handle top] (flaming grenade); [catch under bolt] W (eagle head) (undecipherable); [2nd barrel band] W | (eagle head) | 465; [front band] W; [bayonet guide] W; [barrel, rear of front sight] W | (flaming grenade) | 2-19; [front sight, both sides] W; [front sight, top] 090; [stock, front of trigger guard] (eagle head) | 504; [stock, rear of trigger guard] (eagle head) | 520; [inside buttplate door] M | (triangle)
5-shot, bolt action repeater. One-piece walnut stock with walnut hand guards. Good condition with very few nicks and scratches. All metal blued with little finish wear. Receiver marked on top. Bolt handle marked on bottom. Two barrel bands screw retained stacking swivel on 1st bank, sling swivel on 2nd. 2nd band marked on front. Barrel marked rear os front sight. Blade front sight in a high stud with protective wings. Sliding peep rear sight on receiver. The U.S. entry into WWI caused an urgetn need for great quantities of rifles and other arms. The National Armories were unable to produce the numbers needed. Winchester as well as Remington Arms Co. were at that time, producing Enfield type rifles for the British war effort. The Ordnance Dept. adopted the Enfield into U.S. service, changing only the chambering from .303 to .30-06. almost 2.2 million U.S. M1917 were produced for the U.S. military. (Gluckman, US Muskets, Rifles and Carbines, Barnes). NOTE: Buttstock storage contains an oiler and pull through cleaning kit in a small metal cylinder.
Winchester U.S. Model 1917
Serial Number:
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As of 06-14-2017 this object is on display in the Cody Firearms Museum.
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