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Cody Firearms Museum

Savage Revolving Firearms Co., Middletown, Conn.
brass 1442 trigger 354 plain 345 sights 95 stock 186 walnut grips 9 v-notch rear octagon 23 cone front 2 barrel 187 bead front 7 two piece 2 open 55
revolver 96 percussion 46 firearm 4093
ca. 1863
Barrel length: 7.125 in
Savage Revolving Firearms Co. Navy Model Revolver. Mfg. 1861-1864-65. About 20,000 made. Six-shot. Hammer slightly offset in frame. A large trigger guard contains two triggers. The front, or upper one drops the hammer. The lower one, a ring trigger, cocks the hammer and revolves the cylinder. Pulling back on this trigger also causes the cylinder to move backwards, away from a bevel on the rear of the barrel, before the cylinder starts to revolve. Releasing the ring trigger permits the cylinder to move forward to form a gas-tight joint with the barrel. U.S. government purchased 11,984 of this model during the Civil War. Of this number about 10,000 used by the army. Savage dates: North & Savage 1856-1860 (Henry S. North & Edward Savage); Savage Revolving Firearms Co. 1860-1866. This revolver has a detachable shoulder stock, marked F.D. Bliss. Maybe a later addition to the piece.
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As of 06-14-2017 this object is on display in the Cody Firearms Museum.
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