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Winchester Repeating Arms Co., New Haven, CT 967 American 350
barrel 187 serrated trigger 2 monte carlo profile 6 ramp/bead (hood missing) 7 press checkered varnished 52 one-piece walnut 14 sporting 150 front sight 59 rear sight 51 internal box 2 adjustable v notch 2 stock 186 magazine 88 blued overall except for bolt body which is in the white, and magazine feed which appears to be chrome or nickel-plated round barrel 64 semi-pistol grip 25 checkered, plastic buttplate, receiver tapped for scope mounts finish 98 tapered 20 experimental 71
bolt action 92 rifle 498 firearm 4093
ca. 1965
L: 42.75 in, Barrel length: 22 in, H: 6 in
Credit Line:
Gift of Olin Corporation, Winchester Arms Collection
The Winchester Model 670 was introduced in 1966 with three versions available--Carbine, Sporting Rifle, and Magnum Sporting Rifle--and in seven center fire calibers. The M/670 was designed to fill the needs of outdoorsmen seeking a dependable bolt action arm for hard day-in-day-out use, combining accuracy with style and economy. It features: recessed bolt face to completely enclose and support the cartridge head for ultimate safety; free-floating barrel for best accuracy; wide serrated trigger with greater finger bearing surface for improved trigger control. Red indicator shows when the rifle is cocked. Two-position safety locks the firing pin when in the safe (rear) position, but not the bolt, to allow safe removal of cartridges from the magazine. The safety is off when pushed fully forward. The Model 670 was discontinued in 1979. A total of 287,648 guns were produced from 1966-1979 in Winchester's New Haven plant. This experimental Model 670 was made for the possible development of a .222 Remington rifle.
left side of barrel/222 REM./right side of receiver/902949/left side of receiver/WINCHESTER/TRADE MARK/
Winchester R & D label on left side of stock./Gun. 3/label on underside of stock; masking tape on butt. Green label tied to barrel/700 rds fired 8-21-68 9-12-68/. No written record for this firearm
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