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Cody Firearms Museum

Germany 35 Unknown 893
engraved 118 ivory 120 silver 707 steel 2355 ebony 4 walnut 486 inlay 20
firearm 4093
star 117 floral 651 scroll 65 pig 4
rifle 1140
ca. 1700
L: 45.75 in, Barrel length: 30.75 in, ramrod length: 30.5 in
Credit Line:
Gift of Olin Corporation, Winchester Arms Collection
This type of snaphaunce appeared in Europe, probably in northern Italy, early in the 17th century and its use spread throughout the continent but was particularly used in Italy, Austria, and Germany. By about the middle of the 18th century the type had become practically obsolete.
The stock of this highly decorated rifle is held to the barrel by pins. The cheek rest is inlaid with a 12-pointed star of ivory and ebony. The sliding patch box cover is decorated with brass tacks and is inlaid with an ivory plaque engraved with the letter D. The stock is carved with floral and scroll designs, and has a bone stock tip. The buttplate, sideplate, trigger guard, and 3 ramrod guides are of silver. The barrel is also engraved with a diamond pattern its entire length and is inlaid with silver scrolls. Near the breech is the representation of a silver pig wearing a hat. The lock on this rifle is of the so-called northern Italian type of snaphaunce, with the sear working inside the lockplate and made to engage a notch on the tumbler. The sliding pan cover can be moved over the pan with the hammer either down, or in the cocked position. If it is so placed when the hammer is cocked, it is automatically moved back from over the pan when the trigger is pulled and the hammer falls forward. A. rifle; B. ramrod. Ref. Hall: The lock on this rifle did not originally belong with it--it does not fit the inletting in the stock, and the front lockplate screw does not line-up with the screw hole in the lockplate.
German Snaphaunce Sporting Rifle
Accession Number:

As of 06-14-2017 this object is on display in the Cody Firearms Museum.
If you are making a special trip, please double-check before visiting.

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