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Cody Firearms Museum

Winchester Repeating Arms Co., New Haven, CT 967
straight grip 3 tubular 51 stock 186 sporting 150 magazine 88 barrel 187 walnut 486 hammer 6 repeating 61 round barrel 64
lever action 110 firearm 4093 rifle 498
L: 41 in, Barrel length: 20.875 in
Credit Line:
Gift of Olin Corporation, Winchester Arms Collection
The older Winchester Model 1894 lever action was furnished in a great variety of styles, types and lengths of barrels, magazine capacities, etc. in both solid frame and takedown. By 1924, however, the sale of many of the variations had gradually dropped to a point so low that it was no longer profitable to continue their manufacture. It was decided to discontinue all of the variations in the Model 1894 rifle line and continue the manufacture of the rifle in only one standard type. The design was modernized in both solid frame and takdown style, and placed on the market as the Winchester Model 55. The principal changes incorporated in the new model included a 24-inch round barrel, shotgun type buttstock with a checkered steel buttplate, and a change in sight equipment. Although the Model 55 was in some respects a more modern rifle than its predecessor, it did not enjoy large sales; about 20,580 were made. It was revamped and reissued later as the Model 64 (Watrous: 1966).
Needs inscription. There is no written record for this firearm.
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Not currently on display

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