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Cody Firearms Museum

Robbins & Lawrence, Windsor, Vermont 3
metal 3340 silver 707 walnut 486 scroll engraving sporting 150
firearm 4093
rifle 1140
ca. 1851
L: 44 in, Barrel length: 24.375 in, H: 9.5 in
This rifle was traded to O.F. Winchester by R.S. Lawrence, formerly of the firm of Robbins and Lawrence and manufacturer of the Jennings rifle, as per letter of February 10, 1871, from Winchester to Lawrence. In this letter Winchester says, I should like to keep it in my collection... This is the earliest reference to a Winchester collection.
on lower tang, bottom of toe of buttplate and some internal parts of the breech/28/PL receiver/ROBBINS & LAWRENCE/MAKERS/WINDSOR VT./C.P. DIXON AGENT/NEW YORK/PATENTED 1849
Second type Jennings magazine repeating rifle, 1851-1852 Smith improvement. Open style sporting sights. Barrel and magazine finished a beautiful plum brown color. Receiver and buttplate blued, some traces of original color remain. The hammer and ring trigger are casehardened. Rifle style walnut buttstock with plain German silver inlay on left side. Scroll engraving on receiver, hammer, heel of buttplate, and the breech and muzzle ends of barrel. Magazine for priming pills located on top of receiver. Opening in right side of receiver similar to preceding but made narrower. A .54 cal. loaded ball will not go through this opening, so it could not have been a loading port.
Jennings 2nd Model
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As of 06-14-2017 this object is on display in the Cody Firearms Museum.
If you are making a special trip, please double-check before visiting.

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