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Winchester Repeating Arms Co., New Haven, CT 967 American 350
single barrel 10 round barrel 64 two-piece walnut 20 rear sight 51 magazine 88 finish 98 tubular 51 grooved slide handle 4 blued overall 21 stock 186 modified 2 choke modified pistol grip 19 oiled 7 bead 112 takedown 26 barrel 187 front sight 59 checkered bakelite buttplate 4 matted receiver top 5
firearm 4093
shotgun 354
ca. 1940
L: 45.5 in, Barrel length: 26 in
Credit Line:
Gift of Olin Corporation, Winchester Arms Collection
Announcement of the new Winchester Model 42 hammerless slide action repeating shotgun was an innovation. It was the first shotgun with this type of action ever developed especially for the 410 gauge shell. Factory records show the first delivery of Model 42 shotguns to warehouse stock was made in May 1933. Although the Model 42 in design and appearance closely resembles the Winchester Model 12, it was not a copy of this model but was in all respects a small, lightweight shotgun developed especially for the 410 gauge. The M/42 was discontinued in 1963; about 159,353 were made (Watrous: 1966). The receiver and magazine of this Model 42 have been cut away with numerous windows on both sides to demonstrate the internal mechanisms.
[barrel left] Made in New Haven, Conn. U.S. of America | Winchester Proof Steel | Winchester/Trade Mark | Model 42 - 410 -3 in.cham. | Mod. | Breech (Winchester Proof stamps)
2/24/03: A note that this firearm needs a condition report. Tubular magazine. Blued overall. Two piece walnut, oiled, grooved slide handle, pistol grip, checkered Bakelite buttplate with old style Winchester trade mark. Take down. Receiver and magazine cutaway with numberous windows on both sides to deomonstrate internal mechanisms. Single barrel. Bead front sight. Matted receiver top rear sight.
Model 42
Serial Number:
Accession Number:

As of 06-14-2017 this object is on display in the Cody Firearms Museum.
If you are making a special trip, please double-check before visiting.

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