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Whitney Western Art Museum

Russell, Charles M. 232
pen and ink and watercolor
letter 11 Painting 860
H: 11 in, width: 8.5 in, Frame height: 20 in, Frame width: 17.775 in, frame depth: 1.5 in
Friend Joe [Joe De Yong]
Credit Line:
Partial Bequest of Vernon R. Drwenski and Museum Purchase
caption: Its plenty scary at Hollywood Its wonderful what on man can do with one gun if hes got blank cartrages Pasadina California March 30 1920 Friend Joe I got your letter and paintings they were wonderfull from an artistien standpoint not quite bold enough in stroke. youd have don better with a hay knife it would give more teck neque maby that aint spelt right but you savy Thars lots of movie [?] folks here both male and female more he oues that thair is cows the only cows Iv seem is the kind you moove up on with a stool an bucket saw Tom Mix and Bill Hart work both treated me fine Tom sent his regards to you and your onley say Neal Hart a few minuts he also sends regards have seen Bill Rogers work. several times Am going into the mountains with him sunday to see them make some real out door pictures If you ever want to paint frute roses are automobiles come to this country I forgot Bungaloos they grow here too this last groath origanaly came from India where they had to be snake and tiger proof but judging from the one we got Californa is like Irland well Joe Il tell you all about it when I git home which wont be long with best whishes to you three from we of the same [?] your friend C M Russell
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