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Plains Indian Museum

Oklahoma 71 Southern Arapaho 9
brass beads 27 pigments 40 human hair 30 mirror 31 ermine 119 dyed feathers 24 silk ribbon 38 sinew 620 mescal seeds 2 brass bells 43 tanned deer hide 58
Ghost Dance dress 3
circle 44 triangles 289 dots 30 line 7 stars 36
ca. 1890
width at shoulders: 33 in
Credit Line:
Gift of J.C. "Kid" Nichols
Dress and Adornment - Religious Attire. Ghost dance dress - white buckskin dress, sinew sewn, rectangular strips pieced into shoulders, yoke/sleeves sewn to skirt, triangular extensions sewn at lower side seams to give skirt more flare; self fringe at side seams, added fringe at sleeve ends, self and added fringe at hem. Upper 3/4 of dress is painted blue with blue outlined natural buckskin stars in rows, painted green band separate blue upper dress from bottom 1/4 which is painted yellow-groups of 4 line and circle designs extend into yellow from green band, bottom edge has a red line with triangles pointing up, outlined with blue, triangular extensions have 2 rows of blue dots and 1 row of red dots at bottom. Yoke has laced-in fringe across front and back, fringes are trimmed with mescal seeds, ermine tails and feet, dyed red breath feathers and satin ribbons in fushia, blue, golden yellow on back, red, blue, faded light blue and faded pink on front, front also has an advertising mirror from Herbert Spencer cigars and a sinew wrapped lock of black hair. Four sleeve fringes on each sleeve are trimmed with 3 brass beads, right side fringes have 12 hawk bells, left side fringes have 9 hawk bells tied into them.
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