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Buffalo Bill Museum

Buckskin 430 silk 96 Beads 2617 sinew 620 canvas 234
gauntlet 7 gloves 30
ca. 1885
L: 14.125 in, width: 7.5 in
Credit Line:
Gift of Mrs. S. W. Harding
Beaded gauntlet gloves. Handmade brain-tanned buckskin gauntlet gloves, sinew sewn, double layer of narrow buckskin fringes about 5" long, gauntlet edges bound with dark red silk ribbon over old dark blue silk ribbon, gauntlet backs lined with canvas. Gauntlet fronts are fully lazy stitch beaded with 2 right triangles in bands of clear, royal blue (connected on right gauntlet) over which are 2 square-bottom, V-topped shapes in clear, royal, green and red/white hearts, on white background, all sinew sewn. Glove fronts are beaded with 2 stars with periwinkle blue round centers outlined in red/white hearts and white arms outlined in royal, 5 feather designs arranged 3 clustered toward fingers and 2 separate toward stars - 2 feathers of the 3 group are clear dark blue, clear and red/white hearts outlined in white; 3rd feather is white, clear purple and clear green outlined in white; single feathers are red/white hearts, clear and clear yellow outlined in white - and 2 boxes flanking feathers in white, red/white hearts and periwinkle blue bands, all sinew sewn. Gloves were owned and worn by Buffalo Bill and he later gave them to a Cody ranch employee related to Mrs. S. W. Harding. See photo P.69.86
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