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Plains Indian Museum

Wind River Reservation 4
Satin 101 yarn 210 Beads 2617 acrylic 20 polyester 12
Grass Dance outfit
rosettes 23
ca. 1988
yoke width: 19.5 in, whip length: 20 in, pant length: 40 in, shirt length: 33 in, shirt width: 20 in
Dress and Adornment - Dress and/or Festive Adornment. Three pieces, A: Yoke; B: Pants and C: Shirt. A: Yoke, wedge-shaped black polyester cloth trimmed with red and yellow satin ribbons, yellow yarn fringe on sides, red yarn fringe on bottom. Front has 1 large and 2 small beaded rosettes with orange, royal and light blue designs on yellow backgrounds. B: Pants, black acrylic and cotton sweat pants with drawstring waist and elastic gathered ankles. 1 row of red and 1 row of yellow yarn fringe around both lower legs with 2 short rows of red yarn fringe on outer upper legs. C: Shirt, 2 panels of black polyester cloth with inverted V cut bottoms gathered at waist on red and purple crepe ties, trimmed with yellow and red ribbons, yellow yarn fringe on sides, red yarn fringe on bottom, white-red orange and yellow stepped bugle bead design.
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