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Buffalo Bill Museum

horn 111 wood 4438 midnight blue velvet 90 buffalo 115
hat rack 5
floral 651
L: 28 in, H: 9 in, depth: 9.5 in
Buffalo horn hat rack, wall mount style, one pair of buffalo horn caps, with rough ends on, mounted at each end of a section of wood post so that they curve outward, one pair of buffalo horn caps mounted along bottom of post so that they curve down then up; horns are attached to post with numerous large nails around their bases; post is covered with midnight blue velvet with a raised floral pattern in pink, gold, light green, dark green and white, very crudely stitched together at bottom. Condition: Horns in good shape except for the nails driven into them; velvet is thread-bare in many places and design is dirty; remnants of a leather thong for hanging are nailed into back. Origin: May be Larom inventory #263 - Fine shaved buffalo horns (4) with velvet wrappings - coat hanger. Paul Fees thought they may be a Bradford-Decker Collection item but no verification of that has been found. See 1.69.559 for a similiar leather bound set from William Cody Boal.
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