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Used for Dress and Adornment, Rituals and Ceremonies, Hunting. This item has a felt liner and beaded work on the front. This style of headdress was worn by the Plateau Indians. This head dress included various numbers of hides Buffalo Mink Eagle(Feathers) Bobcat

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Plains Indian Museum

Plateau 318
Beads 2617 mink 6 fur 151 feathers 641 dew 10 shell 87 foot 5 eagle 171 hide 1074 felt 201 buffalo 115 horns 23 tails claws 31 hawk 75 Bobcat ermine 119 abalone 33
headdress 61
Diamond 223
ca. 1905
width at horns: 13 in, L: 32 in
Dress and Adornment - Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. Buffalo headdress - felt liner; buffalo horns and fur; beaded brow band with diamond pattern in orange and white on blue ground, green and blue border; abalone shell and bobcat foot in front; eagles foot on top; mink hide in back; short buffalo fur trailer with hawk feathers along sides; dew claws and ermine tails at ends of brow band. Buffalo dancers headdress.
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