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Whitney Western Art Museum

James, Will 3
pen and ink on toned paper
illustrated letter 17
Cowboy 292 Russell, Charles M. 9 shoeing horse
sight height: 9.625 in, sight width: 7.5 in, Frame height: 14.5 in, Frame width: 11.75 in
Hello, Chas. M. Russell
Credit Line:
Gift of William E. Weiss.
Charles M. Russell inspired a legion of young artists, including Will James (born Joseph Ernest Nephtali Dufault). James was pleased to receive a letter from Russell, in which the older artist acknowledged that he had seen works by James in Sunset magazine and praised his knowledge of horses. James responded with this letter.
Sausalito Cal Hello, Chas. M. Russell 5/30/20 Well sir just got back from a trip in Nevada, had a little business to tend to and also see some of the old boys of course, - on my return I finds your letter waiting for me, my mail does'nt follow me wherever I go, I'm not that popular as yet, and I dont get enough of the said mail to make it worth while, furthermore I did'nt think I'd be gone quite that long, anyhow I am mighty glad to hear from you, I sure have to laugh everytime I look or think of the drawings you sent along, it brings memories, and by the contents of the letter throughout I figures you as the kind of a man I'd sure like to meet and have a talk with, I'm right sorry I did'nt get to see you while you came by Frisco, Maynard Dixon telephoned and [?] all over me, but it was just my luck that I could not be found, but this world is'nt so very big and we may run across one another someday Many thanks for the advice on painting and otherthings, I'll sure follow it I think if anyone wants to study the drawing of horses, the best place for them is to lure out to out to one of those southern cow-outfits pick out a good rocky country where all the remuda has to be shod, and the best time is to get there preliminary to either round up, I think then a feller would sure learn "how to feel" and know for sure just how flat, how wide, how big, and how damn strong a horse's leg can be - that's the main part of him anyhow the rest sort of comes natural after one has learned that, and I think that beats studying anatomy all to hell - dont you - a feller sure has [?] "grasp"
Remarks: Sausalito, CA
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