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Buffalo Bill Museum

Johnson, Cheryl
pigment 539 metal 3340 suede 19 cardboard 274 hand painted 17 bead 112 wood 4438 felt 201 porcelain 14
Cody, William F. 566
c. 1987
H: 8 x 8.5 in, width: 5.875 x 6.75 in, depth: 6.375 x 6.75 in
A: Printed on front and sides: BUFFALO BILL/CONGRESS/OF ROUGH RIDERS OF THE/WORLD (Short biography printed on back) (Printed on bottom is story about the limited edition) B: Printed on top: ENESCO/Gift /Gallery/BUFFALO BILL/LIVING LEGENDS/Limited Edition/Musical Jack-in-the-Box/Plays the tune/ "I'm a Leavin' Cheyenne."
(A)Jack-in-the-box. Buffalo Bill, limited edition. Wood box covered with printed color images of Buffalo Bill and his Wild West Shows including a blond and blue-eyed portrait on lid (inside and outside), red and orange backgrounds. Inscriptions on front, sides, and bottom. Wind up key activates a music box which plays "I'm a Leavin' Cheyenne". The Buffalo Bill that "pops" out of the box has a porcelain head hand painted with blonde hair, mustache and beard and blue eyes. He wears a beige suede cloth jacket with black and red beadwork and a tan felt cowboy hat. Limited edition 149 of 7500. (B) Original box of lightweight cardboard. Front has a photo of the contents, sides and back reproduce images from front, sides and back on the jack-in-the-box. Printed inscription on top. Certificate of authenticity in document file.
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