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Whitney Western Art Museum

Russell, Charles M. 232
watercolor and pen and ink on paper 4
letter 11 Painting 860
H: 8.125 in, width: 12.875 in
Joe De Young [Joe De Yong]
Credit Line:
Partial Bequest of Vernon R. Drwenski and Museum Purchase
Joe De Yong (1894-1975) was Russell's only protege. Aspiring to be an artist, the nineteen year old De Yong sent some sketches and a photograph of his first sculptural model to Russell. In his reply, Russell gave the young artist advice on materials and methods for making a sculpture.
Sept 2 1913 Your photo and letter with sketches was received the sketches were good Brown and Biglow Calander Co handel my reproductions thair address is St Paul Minn in regards to modling for aney thing large that is to say over five ore six inches the largest I have ever don was about 18 inches horse and rider I use pasteline this is not permanent but if there is a Dago in your town that landes plaster paris casts he could cast it for you in my smaller things I use bees wax diamond brand bees wax is the bst the wax must be warned before handling if your figure is well wired as the above sketch showes it will last if not to roughly handled the wire in the legs of animal should be tacked to a wooden base these small things [?] paintwith oil coler using turpen tine to thin the paint The bees wax could can get in a drugstore there is also a regular modling wax you can buy at most art stores where you will find pasteline modling wax is also good for small work good luck and best whishes C M Russell
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