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Hopi Katsina Doll: Katsina are a detailed visual record of the powerful beings who are an important part of Pueblo life. This katsina may represent Hu' Katsina, a whipper katsina, he serves as a disciplinarian. He appears in pairs during the Powamuya ceremony with Crow Mother.

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Plains Indian Museum

Southwest 230
Square 31 White 769 Figure 3 paint 359 black 554 blue 690 turquoise 308 feathers 641 yellow 526 green 634 wood 4438 Red 1061 head 47
kachina 9
geometric 807
ca. 1890(?)
H: 10.25 in, width: 4.25 in, depth: 3.25 in
Ritual and Recreation: Ritual, Curing and Cult Objects. Carved wood figure; square head; red feathers attached to top of head; green and black painted horn on left side of head, right horn missing; one bulging black and white eye, left eye missing; face painted with geometric pattern in turquoise, yellow, black, red and white; upper body painted yellow and red; lower body painted white with geometric pattern on right side in black, green, blue, red and yellow; legs and feet painted green, turquoise and red.
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