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Plains Indian Museum

Crow 493
rawhide 1018 wool 622 Beads 2617 leather 2024 sinew 620 painted 276
knife case 52
rectangle 47 triangles 289
ca. 1890
L: 12 in, width: 4 in
Credit Line:
The Crow Indian Collection of Dr. William and Anna Petzoldt, gift of Genevieve Petzoldt Fitzgerald
Dress and Adornment - Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. Knife case - shaped red painted rawhide, folded on one edge and sinew sewn on curved edge, triangular top flap with triangular tab beaded in bands of royal blue and yellow on a light blue band, leather thong through front ties around narrow spot between flap and tab; sewn edge has an insert of green wool edge beaded with white, then on the front rawhide a white beaded band with right angle triangles aligned with its inner edge, triangles are light blue with a small dark red rectangle and cut dark green with a small light blue rectangle, outside edges of triangles are edged with a single row of white beads and another single row of white beads forms the inner border of the design; pendant at point of pouch has a small cylinder wrapped with light blue and royal blue beads, green wool `fringe' and two 3-3/4" leather pendants edge beaded in clear medium blue down the sides and white across the bottom; back has 3 horizontal slits near the top through which a leather strip is tied, also a small leather strip near pendant at bottom.
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