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Plains Indian Museum

Crow 493
yellow 526 light green 17 clear amber 7 black and white 1975 light blue 69 purple 167 red white hearts 134 greasy yellow 10 seed 1420 cotton 256 brain-tanned 11 sateen 10 cloth 876 clear purple 3 wool 622 green 634 pink 230 clear dark turquoise leather 2024 picot edge 3 Beads 2617 navy 10 faded 7 light periwinkle plaid 21 Red 1061 lining 101 commercial 81 faceted 12
Moccasins 497
quartered diamond motif bordered floral design 21 four flower motifs three leaf motifs triangles 289 bands 37
ca. 1910
H: 3 in, width: 3.875 in, L: 10.125 in, H: 6.25 in, width: 4.125 in, L: 10.125 in
Credit Line:
Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Schwartz
Dress and Adornment: Daily and/or Festive Adornment. Leather uppers and soles, some brained tanned, some commercial (?), with wide zig-zag edged ankle extensions; red wool cuffs lined with white and black plaid cotton (now pinkish from bleeed thru from wool) and bound with purple sateen (faded to beige on outside), cuff edges picot beaded with clear light-green beads. Fully beaded vamp has a floral design with 4 flower motifs and 3 leaf motifs; beads are clear purple, greasy yellow, clear dark turquoise, pink, clear amber, dark royal and white, mostly faceted, all very small, accented with faceted gold beads; light blue large seed bead background on vamp bordered all around with red white hearts triangles on light periwinkly banded by yellow and green on pink ground. Wide band around sides and back of moccasin is beaded in perwinkle, greasy yellow, green and red white hearts, Split triangular tongue is beaded with bands of navy and light blue on pink ground with picot beaded green edging. (A) has a new tongue and most of ankle extension is torn away.
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