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Plains Indian Museum

Crow 493
orange white hearts 8 fringes 12 rawhide 1018 soles 149 seed 1420 Indian tanned 20 orange 203 Beads 2617 White 769 pink 230 cut 37 Red 1061 leather 2024 blue 690
Moccasins 497
scalloped outlines stacked box design traditional Crow U-shape rows 7 forked rows
ca. 1905
L: 11.125 in, width: 4.125 in, H: 3.375 in
Credit Line:
Gift of Steve Bielgard
Dress and Adornment: Daily And/Or Festive Adornment. Indian tanned leather moccasins; fringes are sewn on in vertical style on back of moccasins; the front of the moccasins are beaded in nine rows in a traditional Crow U-shape; the first two rows are of blue beads on outer border; the next four rows are beaded with red, white and blue beads using a stacked box design, the blue and red are cut beads; the next row of beads are white and the last two rows are inner borders of blue beads; the inside of the seven rows have pink beads and 3 bands of red cut beads; toward the toes of moccasin are three forked rows of pink and blue cut beads in groups of three; the tongue has orange beads in groups of two; tongue and row of short fringe are sinew sewn to moccasin top; the leather ties are sewn onto the moccasin; orange white heart beads and blue cut beads sewn in decorative scallop outlines around ankle; rawhide soles. ---Dirty, B has a hole between the toe and sole.
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