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Tribe;Sinew Object;sheo Date;1890

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Plains Indian Museum

Kiowa 37
pigment 539 rawhide 1018 braintanned 68 Buckskin 430 sinew 620 Beads 2617
Moccasins 497
hourglass 62 checkerboard 11 triangles 289
ca. 1890
H: 4.625 in, L: 9.626 in, width: 3.375 in
Credit Line:
Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Guido R. Rahr, Jr.
Dress and Adornment, Daily Attire And/Or Festive Attire. Braintanned buckskin uppers with uneven yellow-orange coloring sinew sewn to rawhide soles, self fringed at heels except for approximately 1 1/2 x 2" tab extensions, separate square tongue with 3 prong extension toward toe, buckskin thong ties woven through holes around ankle, heel and tongue stitching and added ankle piece on A are thread sewn. Lazy stitch beaded band down center of vamp has clear dark green triangles bordered in white on clear dark red background separated by checkerboards of white and royal blue, flanking this band on the outside is a line of connected right triangles in red and blue with white trim, band around bottom of foot has blue hourglass figures bordered in white on clear dark red strip that goes to heel seam on A and stops 1 5/8" from heel on outside and 3" from heel on inside of B.
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