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Exhibit Notes: Moccasins: Deerskin rawhide with hard soles. Beaded triangles on the vamp with green, and red/white hearts. Includes many different triangle shapes in yellow stripes. Yellow on one white strip around the bottom and down the foot with turquoise fill between strips. Tongues consist of the same beading. These colorful moccasins are yet again another product of the Sioux tribe from the South Dakota region. Museum Record: NA.202.698| ca. 1910| L: 11 in, W: 4.125 in, H: 4 in| Gift of Harriet D. Reed and Betty N. Landercasper, in memory of W. Guruea Dyer| Dress and Adornment: Clothes; Deerskin; Glass beads; Hard soles; Turquoise; Green; Red/White; Triangles| Plains Indian Museum, Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

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Plains Indian Museum

South Dakota 248 Sioux 990
blue 690 Beads 2617 deerskin 352 seed 1420 green 634 red white hearts 134 yellow 526 White 769
Moccasins 497
triangles 289 strips 60
ca. 1910
L: 11 in, width: 4.125 in, H: 4 in
Credit Line:
Gift of Harriet D. Reed and Betty N. Landercasper, In Memory of W. Guruea Dyer.
Dress and Adornment: Daily And/Or Festive Adornment. Deerskin, hard soled. Beaded triangle designs in blue, green, red white hearts, yellow on l white strip around bottom and down foot with turquoise fill between strips. Some beading on tongue.
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