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Plains Indian Museum

Southern Arapaho 9 Southern Plains 72
Beads 2617 lazy stitch 368 red white hearts 134 royal blue 11 thread 225 sinew 620 White 769 Buckskin 430 milky opalescent orange faceted 12 clear medium blue silver 707 thongs 19 greasy yellow 10 picot edge 3 rawhide 1018 pony 43 soles 149 Red 1061 black 554 brain-tanned 11
Moccasins 497
inverted triangles 3 wide triangles bands 37 diagonal stripes 4
ca. 1900
H: 20 in, width: 3.5 in, L: 9.625 in
Credit Line:
Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. Jerome Gannon and Mr. Charles Uribe
Dress and Adornment: Daily and/or Festive Adornment. Women's hightop -- Brain-tanned buckskin, yellow ochre-dyed uppers and hightops, rawhide soles; sole, ankle and heel seams are sinew sewn; center front seams on tops are thread sewn. (B) has a triangular inset in top of seam. Decorative flap on top is trimmed with a white band of lazy-stitch beadwork with alternating diagonal stripes of greasy yellow bordered with black and clear medium blue and red white hearts. Around ankle on top is a lazy stitch white band with short, wide triangles in red white hearts, greasy yellow and black, the top point of each triangle meets the bottom point of an inverted clear medium blue triangle that also has 2 red white hearts triangles attached to it. Edge of flap and lower edge of top are picot beaded with silver faceted beads. Flap is tied over with buckskin thongs trimmed alternately with 6 red and 1 royal blue and 6 milky and 1 royal blue (on A) or 6 opalescent orange and 1 royal blue (on B) pony beads.
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