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Whitney Western Art Museum

Russell, Charles M. 232
pen and ink on paper 31
illustrated letter 17
Indian 729
May 18, 1911
H: 12 in, width: 10 in, mat height: 24 in, mat width: 16 in, Frame height: 26.25 in, Frame width: 18.25 in
Mr. W.H. Smith/Dear Sir
In this letter to W. Hinckle Smith, a Philadelphia businessman, Russell describes two important oil paintings he displayed at New York's Folsom Galleries: The Range Mother (1908) and Sun Worshippers (1910).
Letter addressed to: Mr. W. Hinkle Smith Franklin Bank Building Philadelphia Penn May 18 1911 Mr. W. H Smith Dear Sir It is hardley worth while to tell you a cow man the meaning of the picture a Range mother as you know well enough what a fighting cow is especially one with a calf but for the people who dont know on the ranges I knew on long hot drives to the round up grounds a calf would some times get leg weary in these cases the calf was roped ear marked an dropped with its mother to be picked up an branded later. in this painting the mother has objected The Sun Worshipers all planes Indians [?] prayed to the sun and were much more devout than their Christian white brothers This painting represents the advance of a hunting party the old man is asking the sun for success in the buffalo run the seen is in the sun river or as the Indians call it Medicine River valley in Montana in the background is sun river buttes Im old times this wase one of the [?] hunting grounds of the Blackfeet Yours verry truly C M Russell
Signed LR: CM Russell
Accession Number:

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