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Plains Indian Museum

Northern Cheyenne 35
Beads 2617 quills 403 brass 1442 Buckskin 430
natal amulet 9
L: 4.75 in, Diameter: 1.375 in
Credit Line:
Anne T. Black Collection, Gift of Anne Black
Ritual and Recreation, Ritual, Curing and Cult objects. Bi-conoidal buckskin form completely beaded with one clear green bead band around middle; and 3 red/white hearts beaded bands longitudinally which divide the form into 6 triangular sections. Four sections are beaded with 4 royal blue bordered light blue triangles on a yellow background; 2 sections are beaded with 8 royal blue bordered light blue rectangles on a yellow background. At both points are 4 buckskin thongs wrapped with orange dyed porcupine qulls and with pairs of brass bells at the ends. One point (the top) also has a short pair of buckskin thong ties.
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Not currently on display

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