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Whitney Western Art Museum

Johnson, Frank Tenney 9
oil on canvas 335
Painting 860
moon 10 night 9 Navajo 2
H: 11 in, width: 8 in, Frame height: 22 in, Frame width: 19 in
Navajo by Moonlight or Night in the Canyon
Credit Line:
Gift of Richard and Helen Cashman
Johnson was fascinated with the effects of moonlight and became known for his nocturnes, paintings of night scenes. He experimented with the way that moonlight softened details and affected colors, but he remained a realist in the depiction of figures and landscape.
verso, written at top: "Night in the Canyon" FTJ [partial label, torn off:] Gallery W (torn)/ 18 (superscript and underlined) th AND 19 (superscript and underlined) th CENTURY PAINTINGS AND B (torn)/ AVENUE & STETSON DRIVE, SCOTTSDALE, A (torn)/ JAMES S. FOWLER, Sr., FOUNDER/ PHONE (602) 944-5453 /ARTIST Frank Tenny John (torn)/ TITLE Navajo by Moonli (torn)/ SIGNED /SIZE AND (torn) [label taped at center:] RICHARD J. CASHMAN/ 57 GROVELAND TERRACE/ MINNEAPOLS, MINNESOTA 55403/ (line)/ PHONE: (612) 374-3378 [label, LLC:] C.M. Russell/ Museum (logo) 1201 4TH AVENUE NORTH/ GREAT FALLS, MONT./ PHONE (406) 452-7369/ Loan No 362/ Loan by Jack F. Warden/ Address/ Date Dec 29, 1977/ Exhibition/ Navajo by Moonlight F.T. Johnson
LLC: Frank Tenney Johnson
Accession Number:

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