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Plains Indian Museum

Northern Plains 1866 Sioux 990
pigment 539 native tanned deer hide
Battle of Little Big Horn painted hide 7
Battle of the Little Bighorn 6 Custer, George A. 6 battle 3
ca. 1895
L: 48 in, width: 41 in
Credit Line:
Gift of Mr. Robert G. Charles
Communication and Media of Exchange: Writing and Records. Native tanned deerskin; painted decoration of a battle between Indians and U.S. Army soldiers; pictorial account of Custer's famous Last Stand; on the lower left, an Indian village is depicted; Indian warriors on foot and horseback, many soldiers wounded and dead are represented; General Custer is shown standing armed with two revolvers; officers are indicated by shoulder insignia and non-commissioned officers by chevrons on their sleeves; several American flags and Army Springfield carbines are painted; colors used are red, green, yellow, blue, brown, red-brown and black.
Accession Number:

As of 06-14-2017 this object is on display in the Plains Indian Museum.
If you are making a special trip, please double-check before visiting.

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