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Plains Indian Museum

Omaha 5 Central Plains 41
wooden 134 eagle 171 carved 177 dyed 102 hair 424 blue 690 Tradecloth 225 wrapped 151 hawk 75 feathers 641 green 634 owl 27 Red 1061 calumet horse 292 bone 151 string 175 pipe 2 painted 276
pipe dance bundle
ca. 1865
calumet length: 39.5 in, calumet diameter: 1 in, pipe length: 47.125 in, pipe bowl diameter: .75 in
Credit Line:
Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Pohrt
Ritual and Recreation: Smoking and Narcotics. (A) Calumet - wooden, carved and painted green and red. Wrapped at handle with blue trade cloth and bone. Drop is eleven golden eagle feathers. Wood is also wrapped and decorated with hawk and owl feathers, three groupings of string, and red dyed horse hair. (B) Pipe Dance Pipe - wooden, carved and painted green and red. Middle decorated with feathers and one end with horsehair.
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