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Buffalo Bill Museum

gold 240
pocket watch 37
fern 3 beaver 2 rocks 5 trees 62 leaves 21
Diameter: 2 in, L: 3 in
Credit Line:
Museum Purchase, Garlow Memorial Fund
center: Buffalo Bill/(HON. Wm F. CODY.)/TO/White Beaver/(D. FRANK POWELL. M.D.)/LIFE LONG "PARDS."/1884 [in place of hour numerals, beginning at 1:00:] W, H, I, T, E, B, E, A, V, E, R [inside back cover:] T./Roy Myers./THE SON OF MY HEART/From/UNCLE FRANK./1906 [stamped in small characters at top and bottom respectively:] 14K, 44542 [inside front cover:] FROM/MRS. ROY MYERS/TO/DR. E.S. POWELL/1935 [watch back:] GILES/ANTI MAGNETIC/G/SHIELD/PAT. DEC. 4, 83 [inside watch back:] 10051 [inner watch works braces:] ADJUSTED/267868 VACHERON & / (stylized cross) / CONSTANTIN [scratched inside back cover in mostly magnifying glass-sized characters:] (watchmaker's marks at approx. 11:00) OHO (at approximately 2:00) 61141/3731 (at 4:30) 34728 2099A (at 5:30) 13095 (at 6:30) 95110
Pocket watch. Rose gold case with engraved fern motifs around edges. Front cover has engraved ridges around outside edge then an inlaid border of white and yellow gold and inscription at center. Back cover has engraved ridges around outside edge then an inlaid border of white and yellow gold; center has an embossed design wtih rose gold rocks and trees, green gold leaves and grass and a white gold beaver. White porcelain (possibly) watch face has black minute marks, red numbers at 5 minute invervals, delicate ornate hands, an inset second timer with gold filigree hand and instead of having hour numbers, has letters starting at 1 o'clock that spell out: White Beaver. Beveled edge crystal has a rose gold rim with beaded inner edge. Inscriptions inside back cover, inside front cover, watch back, inside watch back, inner watch works braces, inside back cover.
Accession Number:

As of 06-14-2017 this object is on display in the Buffalo Bill Museum.
If you are making a special trip, please double-check before visiting.

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