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Whitney Western Art Museum

Jackson, Harry 25
bronze 330 patina 6
Sculpture 571
Man 252 Pony Express 35 horse 394
H: 17.75 in, L: 22 in, width: 13 in, base depth: 1.625 in, Base Length: 15.125 in, Base Width: 6.625 in
Pony Express
Credit Line:
Gift of The Coe Foundation
The patina of a bronze sculpture is the surface film on the metal that comes from chemical changes, either naturally occurring or resulting from an application of acid designed to protect the surface and produce a colored effect. Since the Renaissance, bronze sculptures have usually been "patinaed," brushed with an acid. Different acids produce different colors, such as the greens, browns, and blackes typically associated with bronze sculptures. In addition to patinaed versions, Jackson likes to create painted editions of many of his works. For his painted sculptures, tempera paints are applied to the surface either to evoke realistic object colors or to convey an expressionist approach. To learn more, see Harry Jackson's publication Lost Wax Bronze Casting. This book traces the method of producing a bronze with Pony Express chosen to illustrate the process.
Top of base, front: FOR THE COES OF CODY/DEAR and LOYAL FRIENDS/c. Harry Jackson 1967, Back of base: 19
Accession Number:

As of 06-14-2017 this object is on display in the Whitney Western Art Museum.
If you are making a special trip, please double-check before visiting.

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