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Buffalo Bill Museum

rectangular 35 Beads 2617 silver 707 metal 3340 lavender 2 thread 225 chain 29 braided 95 fringed 14 gold 240 Satin 101
purse 57
leaves 21 floral 651
L: 6.875 in, width: 6.375 in
Ladies purse; rectangular; fully seed beaded front and back with central clear yellow bead and clear orange with center bead floral design with lime green and clear rose bead leaves, all outlined in gray on clear dark turquoise bead background; remainder of design is areas of colored beads outlined with black beads, colored beads are clear kelly green, clear aqua, clear amber, opalescent pink, royal blue, clear rose and clear with blue centers; bottom of bag has 1-3/4" long fringe made of loops of clear dark turquoise and clear amber beads; opening of purse is a square gold metal frame overlaid with silver metal, frame edge has a raised floral design and half a clasp on each side, top of clasp resembles an acorn; each side also has a metal ring through which is attched a chain for the handle, handle chain is linked rings of silver metal with an incised gold-colored edge design; purse is lined with lavender satin with a border of pastel pink and green looped silk held with braided gold thread. Dimensions: Length is without fringe or chain. Condition: Satin lining is very fragile and deteriorating, ink used by donor to number purse has eaten through satin; silver metal worn off frame edges and clasp; missing one beaded fringe in one corner. Origin: Gift of Nick Eggenhofer. This was originally accessioned into the PIM as NA.203.480 but is not Indian so it was deaccessioned and reaccessioned into the BBM. This appears on Eggenhofer's inventory as E-52 but is actually numbered E-69
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