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Whitney Western Art Museum

leather 2024 metal 3340 wire 139 dark brown 54 sinew 620 canvas 234 silver 707 nails 17 heavy 25 commercially tanned 94 Cotton cloth 154 burlap 4 white and blue plaid red wool 7 Tradecloth 225 rawhide 1018 ring 11
saddle 94
H: 7.75 in, L: 17.25 in, width: 8.75 in
Credit Line:
Gift of The Coe Foundation
Saddle, rawhide covered wood side bars and rounded forks (hoops), originally sinew sewn, repaired on hoops with silver wire and reinforced with nails (some square) where hoops join sidebars; commercially tanned 2-3/4" wide brown leather strap seat looped over hoops and loosely secured with leather thong "stitching", edges of seat have 2 pair of holes bordering a set of three holes (possibly once used to tie top and bottom pieces of seat together); commercially tanned dark brown leather double rigging tied to side bars front and back with leather thong ties, right side has a square metal ring at front rig and a round metal ring at rear rig with leather straps attached by sinew stitching and leather thong tieing, cinch straps are perforated for buckles, left side has round metal rings front and rear and connecting strap has a single metal rivet holding it together, front strap is attached to front ring with a leather thong tie; side bars have rectangular pads of heavy canvas sinew sewn over a filling of folded burlap; red wool tradecloth and red, white and blue plaid cotton cloth, attached to side bars with leather thong ties. Condition: Worn; commercial leather rigging and seat have cracked finishes and are dry and very worn; left front side bar rawhide seam is split. Origin: Original studio collection of Frederic S. Remington. Previously mistakenly accessioned into the BBM collection as 1.69.915
Accession Number:

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