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Buffalo Bill Museum

Scott E. Armstrong
makore wood 4438 wenge mahogany 6 sapelle
sideboard 3
H: 39 in, width: 71.5 in, depth: 18.875 in
Rockabilly Sideboard
Credit Line:
Switchback Ranch Purchase Award
Sapelle - Considered the finest mahogany from Africa a lustrous reddish or purplish brown in color with a medium texture and interlocked grain. The species works readily and finishes extremely well. The panels feature select 1.3 thick mm A/B grade rotary cut face veneers with solid jointed innerplies of the same species throughout and waterproof/ boilproof gluing. Mottled Makore veneer - Found on the African Gold Coast, this wood is a pinkish brown. It is also available in quartered, black mottle and fiddleback. Wenge - Wenge (pronounced "wengay" IPA: /?w???e?/) wood (also known as palissandre d'Afrique/du Congo (African/Congolese rosewood), faux ebenier, dikela, mibotu, bokonge and awong) is a tropical timber of the wenge tree (Millettia laurentii) from Africa. The tree's heartwood is very dark and dense (specific gravity of 0.88) with a coarse grain and a pattern of nearly black grains separated by dark brown grains. Its sapwood is distinct, being pale yellow. The tree is native to the Republic of Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Gabon, Tanzania, and Mozambique. The trees grow to a height of approximately 20 meters with a trunk of up to 1 meter in diameter. The wood's figure is very distinctive, with a strong partridge pattern; its appearance has gone in and out of fashion.
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