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Buffalo Bill Museum

Willcox & Gibbs, New York
oak 26 gold 240 medallion 11 chrome 12 treadle cabinet 64 black 554 stand 2 cast iron 5
sewing machine 2
gold 4 grapes 3 grape leaves 2
H: 30 in, width: 31 in, depth: 15.5 in
Needle bar arm is printed in gold: WILLCOX & GIBBS S.M. CO, Gold medallion in machine base has a raised WG monogram with raised lettering: WILLCOX & GIBBS/DEPOSEE/SEWING MACH. Co. NEW YORK, Chrome work plate, left side is stamped: PATENTED IN U.S.A./MAR. 28-82. APRIL 17-83. (TWO)/NOV.22-87. FEB. 12, 19, 26-89./AUG. 28-94. (THREE)//WILLCOX & GIBBS/SEWING MACHINE Co/NEW YORK/LONDON/PARIS/PATENTED IN/GREAT BRITAIN/1502-82, - 1931 - 83./17076-88, - 16385-94./BREVETEE EN FRANCE/S.G.D.G./MADE IN U.S.A.
Willcox and Gibbs sewing machine with oak cabinet and cast iron stand and treadle; black and chrome sewing machine decorated with gold grape leaves and grapes, needle bar arm; chromed work plate is stamped with a stitch information chart in lower right; dark oak cabinet has fold down top-work surface, drop down front and 4 small drawers (B-E) with round knobs in inset finger holes. Bottom right drawer (E) empty but has a paper label glued to right side printed: IMPORTANT/USE ONLY GENUINE NEEDLES/AND BEST SEWING MACHINE OIL/...; cast iron curilinear floral design stand and treadle with WG monogram incorporated into design, dark brown painted with copper-gold highlights, treadle wheel guide has raised lettering: WILLCOX & GIBBS/SAFETY PITMAN/PAT.JAN.25, 1870; flywheel cover has illegible raised lettering; treadle shaft has raised lettering: PAT.AUG. 9 `70.
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As of 06-14-2017 this object is on display in the Buffalo Bill Museum.
If you are making a special trip, please double-check before visiting.

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