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Plains Indian Museum

hide 1074 leather 2024
shield 32
Diameter: 15.25 in, width: 2.25 in
Credit Line:
Gift of Mrs. Arline Keefe
Utensils and Implements, Fighting. Circular shield, warped and bent at sides-"wavy" effect. Leather/hide wrapped around and gathered at back with strap sewn through each pleat. Large circle exposes shield, which is painted red. Wide hide strap has ends sewn to each side and knotted in middle. Piece of rust twine hangs from knot. Front top and bottom center edges have two looped hide appendages, wrapped in red cloth. Appear to have held feathers at one time. Large painted reptile takes center. Reptile has green circular body with yellow head and feet, green tail. Outlined in blue. Also has blue eyes, claws and line with pointed "fins" running down the center of the body, from the nape of neck to end of tail
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Not currently on display

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