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You know that show Mountain Men? Well, a lot of those guys are living well within the eruption zone. This painting is a great reminder of mountain man culture. Like most of Bama's work, the amazing level of detail forces you to stick around longer to take it all in. I like when a work of art draws you in closer and makes you think about the artist and the technique and the accuracy of the depiction.

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Whitney Western Art Museum

Bama, James 21
oil on artist's board 4
Painting 860
Lynde, Joseph Ernest (Timber Jack Joe) Mountain Man 8 Fox 3
H: 30 in, width: 23.875 in, Frame height: 35.875 in, Frame width: 29.75 in
Timber Jack Joe and His Fox
Credit Line:
Gift in honor of Peg Coe, with respect and admiration, from Dick and Helen Cashman
Born in a one room Wyoming dugout, Timber Jack Joe created his identity as a present-day embodiment of the historic mountain man. Bama's interest in preserving figures of the West captures his essence in this painting, beautifully detailing the buckskin clothes Timber Jack Joe shot, tanned and sewed himself.
verso, label on URC frame:] BAMA - 10 [URC, written on backing:] "MOUNTAIN MAN AND HIS FOX"/ 30" X 23 7/8" [stamped upside down, top center:] JOSEPH TORCH/ ARTIST MATERIALS/ & PICTURE FRAMING/ 29 WEST 15th STREET/ NEW YORK, N.Y. 10011/ 212 243-3534 [two indentical labels taped on backing, top:] NO. 4773/ FRAME [label:] COE KERR GALLERY/ 49 EAST 82nd STREET/ NEW YORK, N.Y. 10028 [written at top of label in pencil, upside down:] 10 3/4 17 3/4 [label at center:] COE KERR GALLERY, INC./ 49 EAST 82nd STREET/ NEW YORK, N.Y. 10028/ ARTIST JAMES BAMA/ TITLE MOUNTAIN MAN AND his FOX/ MEDIUM OIL 30 X 23 7/8 (label, left side:) JAMES BAMA EXHIBITION/ University of Nebraska-Lincoln/ Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery/ May 10-June 15, 1980/ Timber Jack Joe and His Fox/ Richard Cashman [stamped at center, upside down:] Anjac Gesso Panel [stamped beneath:] Anjac Products/ 3850 REVIEW AVENUE/ Long Island City, N.Y. 11101/ 24 x 30 [written LLC:] (copyright mark) JAMES E. BAMA 1979/ REPRODUCTION RTS. RES. [circular label on LLC of frame:] #6/ Bama/ Western (underlined)/ Painting
LLC: Bama '79
Accession Number:

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