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Plains Indian Museum

Northern Plains 1866
canvas 234 tanned 631 deer hide 193 Horse Hair 108 seed beads 30 rawhide 1018 cotton wood 2
toy horse 2
H: 13.75 in, width: 4.5 in, L: 13 in
Credit Line:
Simplot Collection, Gift of J.R. Simplot
Ritual and Recreation, Toys. Toy horse/saddle/saddlebags. Hand tanned white buckskin, rawhide and canvas. Beads are lustre, seed, silver, brass and clear. Wooden legs and frame are cottonwood.
Book: Welcome to Kaya's World, 1764, Growing Up in a Native American Homeland; The American Girls Collection; Pleasant Company Publications; Middleton, WI; 2003; front cover , and page 14
Accession Number:

As of 06-14-2017 this object is on display in the Plains Indian Museum.
If you are making a special trip, please double-check before visiting.

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