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Plains Indian Museum

South Dakota 248 Lakota 107 Northern Plains 1866 Sioux 990
eagle 171 ribbon 206 feather 171 seed 1420 Beads 2617 fringe 575 porcupine 379 hair 424 tin 353 green 634 lazy stitch 368 ermine 119 feathers 641 cones 222 puffs 31 quills 403 hide 1074 otter 21 horse 292 deer 681
War bonnet 36 trailer 39
geometric 807 multi-color 31 rosettes 23 pipes 8 animals 10
bonnet height: 21.5 in
Credit Line:
The Catherine Bradford Collection, Gift of The Coe Foundation
Status Symbols and Insignia of Office. (A) War bonnet - buckskin skull cap with lazy stitch bead front band in multi-color geometric design on white background. Multi-color bead rosettes and tabs with tin cone and feather puff tassels at each side of band. Wrapped quillwork tassel on rosettes. Otter and ermine strips with bead and yellow horse hair tips. 30 eagle feathers with feather puffs at tips and base with red beaded stems. (B) Trailer - buckskin strips with painted animals, pipes and geometric designs. Red, white and blue bead edge. 72 eagle feathers with feather puffs at tips. Red beaded feather stem bases. Fringe at bottom edge and top panel. Green ribbon tied to bottom feathers.
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