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Buffalo Bill Museum

cotton 256 brown 254 thread 225 Beads 2617 leather 2024 tan 66 dark brown 54 machine sewn 29
vest 106
White 64 heart 16 Red 44 stars 36 Leaf 76 moon 10 crescent 17 flowers 46 blue 24 crossed 16 tomahawks 9
back width: 12.25 in
Man's leather vest; smooth tan leather vest with one pocket and 2 buttonholes on each side of front; edges, seams and pockets are machine sewn with dark brown thread; front is beaded with 3 blue stars (2 have black middle, 1 has white middle), a blue crescent moon, a white star with red middle on each pocket and a blue and white banded border on each side in large seed beads; back is beaded with 2 blue and white stars, a red heart outline, 2 appliqued orange, deep purple and clear leaf-shapes, 2 crossed tomahawks with white tops and red handles and 3 appliqued raised beaded flowers, mostly large seed beads but some small ones; blue and white beaded band border continues around armholes and along bottom edge; back shoulder seams are covered with a blue and red beaded band; inside edges are hand-faced with brown cotton; possibly of Sioux make for a white man. Possibly once belonged to Buffalo Bill. See document file.
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